Announcing Our International Department

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Titanic Sales is announcing the creation of our International Department! Firstly, this amazing growth will replicate great value and opportunity. We are known to have provided this at a domestic level for the past 8 years in the US.

Titanic Sales has one of the best value-driven selling/buying models for all major consumer products. We have built and serviced major retailers in brand representation distribution providing only the best. Also, TODAY we are replicating this model to our expanded international markets; such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and more!

We are also excited to introduce Duvan Montoya as our new Head of Sales for International markets. He brings over 15 years of experience in generating growth and momentum. This is mainly for distribution of products for multi-billion dollar companies in direct sales. Furthermore, he has been instrumental in increasing market penetration, and market share in US Hispanic markets, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and more! We are confident Duvan will lead the Latin American and International expansion with the highest performance of service, value, and results for our partners. Lastly, we invite you to connect with Duvan to create some amazing business opportunities.

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Announcing Our International Department

Announcing Our International Department Head of Sales, Duvan Montoya

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