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Salina Mecham

Business Manager


Salina was making her life happy being raised in Idaho on a very small farm. As a result, she loves the simplicity of country life and hopes to have her own farm with miniature animals someday. Salina continues to work in e-commerce for over ten years and is amazed at how it evolved in such a short time. For example, “There are a lot of great minds and creativity in this field.”, Salina Insists. She had performed many roles in the e-commerce world which included growing a multi-million dollar extended warranty business for a major retailer. Her favorite role is working with Kevo as his right arm to start Titanic Sales and assist in its growth and development. In fact, Salina really enjoys her career and hopes to inspire others with her amazing work ethic.


How Can Our Team Assist You?

Whether you are looking to buy or sell inventory, Titanic Sales has you covered. We can help you grow your company margins while you focus on what is most important, your sole mission.